owenability (owenability) wrote in dsofthea,

If I don't say this now...I will surely break-

A group called United with Immigrants is organizing a walkout for the 19th at 8:00 am in protest of immigration reform bills that are currently going through senate. If you aren't informed about these bills, PLEASE LOOK THEM UP. United with Immigrants is trying to spread the word throughout schools to get us to stand up for these immigrants' rights as human beings. We are hoping that we will be able to bring this to DSA as well. At 8:00, stand up, declare "Walk out, DSA!" and leave the school, taking with you any supporters. Bang on classroom doors and get as many people as you can. We must stop this bill for the good of the nation! Remember, when american sneezes, Mexico gets pneumonia. STOP THE HATE. Wear white on this day. We'll have central meeting with everyone else at the capitol building. So far the other school who has claimed an active desire to participate is North. TELL YOUR FRIENDS.

On another note, this is a peaceful protest. Violence will not be tolerated. This walkout is not being organized to offend the school. We are looking for the school's support in a matter which is so deeply important to us, and affects many of personally.
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