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Denver School of the Arts

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Once upon a time there was a lovely little school called Denver School of the Arts. We were small and left alone by the district and had good leadership and everyone was happy. Then they fired the principal. 6 years later we have a new building and most kids have forgotten that there was a better time, and enjoy their days in a more muted and homogenous way thatn before. The talent pool is watered down and we can't go a year without some people in an uproar. Still, we go everyday and interact with our peers and sometimes we enjoy ourselves, and we do our homework and bitch about our teachers. If we do something wrong we are told to see Shaw. If we don't like it we leave, as countless forgotten faces have before them. If we do, and many of us do, we stay as long as we can. I graduated as a 7 year senior with the Arts Endorsed Diploma in May of 2005. I am the community moderator, exeunt_all