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Earn volunteer hours!

Teach kids:

When: March 4, 2006
Where: 2861 South Grape Way, Denver, CO, 80222
Time: 2pm - 6pm

Food and refreshments will be provided!

United Artists' Coalition for Kids (UACK) is a conglomerate of young adults based out of Denver, CO, who operate on a grass-roots level through youth outreach of art education. UACK is composed of high school and college students that serve as volunteers to teach art to children that may not normally be exposed to such an influence. Our agenda is promote healing, self-expression, identity, self-definition, and self-determination through various artistic mediums. As a group, our goal is to create safe spaces that these negative persuasions may leave youth disenfranchised and marginalized by society. In such a negative climate, it is possible for children to become disillusioned and desperate. We believe that by providing these safe spaces, our youth can begin to define their own futures. Out aim is that through UACK, we will help the youth of Colorado become leaders in their communities and positive additions to society.

Okay, y'all know Sara FD from Creative Writing? This is her invention. UACK is one of the coolest and most amazing influences I've had in my life. Volunteering is the fountain of youth, I'm telling you.
This BBQ is for all volunteers, new and old, to come and hear about the next project which will be held through the month of April at the Tennyson Center for Children ( in Denver.
Volunteering with UACK requires consistent commitment but it is only a couple of hours each of the five Saturdays in April. There will also be a few prior planning meetings. It's all so worth the time, though, I promise. You'll meet some really cool people and some incredible kids.

For any more information:
Call Pete: 303-877-9845
Go to:
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